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Alimony Disputes Mediated in Northwest Florida: Family Laws in Florida

Alimony Mediation

The state of Florida has laws on alimony. Alimony is the spousal support or payment that one spouse gives to the other after the dissolution of marriage.

How is alimony in Florida determined?

Alimony in Florida is determined on a case-to-case basis. There are differences in every situation; the amount and duration are not always the same. The usual process is that the judge first checks to see if the other spouse needs the alimony or support. If so, then if the other spouse is capable of paying the alimony.

Assistance for alimony in Florida

If you need someone to help you go through Florida’s alimony process, we can help you. We have been assisting divorcees in the following counties of northwest Florida:

  • Santa Rosa
  • Escambia
  • Walton
  • Washington
  • Okaloosa

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