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Prenuptial Disputes: Family Law and Mediation in Northwest Florida

Prenuptial Agreement Mediator

Some people go through premarital financial planning. While no couple is considering getting a divorce when pursuing marriage, getting a prenuptial agreement would be beneficial if the worst scenario happens. It can even strengthen the marriage for some couples. A prenuptial agreement is recommended for couples before getting married if:

  • One of both of them has a business
  • The income difference is large
  • One is an heir to a substantial inheritance
  • There is a considerable difference in net worth
  • One has a child with a substantial inheritance

A prenuptial agreement may be contested during the divorce proceedings. When a divorce is happening in Florida, the court will take a look at the prenuptial agreement. They will also consider the situation when the couple signed the prenuptial agreement. The court will check if the content of the prenuptial agreement is within the state laws. Some agreements contain provisions such as that the spouse will not support the other spouse or the children. Those provisions are looked into and checked if they are following the laws of the state.

If prenuptial disputes arise, it may take a lot of energy and effort. Hire someone who can help you with it; call Stewart Hudson. We have been offering our services to couples who have prenuptial disputes in Northwest Florida. We cater to clients in Santa Rosa, Escambia, Walton, Washington, or Okaloosa counties. Call us today to book an appointment at 850-220-3099.