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Time-Sharing Schedules and Other Parental Responsibility Matters for Parents in Northwest Florida: Santa Rosa, Escambia, Walton, Washington, Okaloosa Counties

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The state of Florida has family laws that involve time-sharing schedules for the custody of children. It also includes other things in parenting plans, such as who will pay for healthcare, tuition fees, and providing transportation for the children. Every parenting plan has a time-sharing schedule, so it is essential for every parenting plan to be legal and valid.

For those people who cannot agree with the parenting plan or the time-sharing schedule, the court battles will cost money, effort, and energy. The lawyer fees are also costly.

Assistance with Time-Sharing Schedules for Florida Parents

The court looks into each parent’s situation and decides which is best for the child. There are a lot of things to consider for the parents such as:

  • the ability of the parents to have a close relationship with the child
  • a stable home
  • schools near the parent’s house
  • the ability of the parent to be morally fit
  • the financial capacity of the parent
  • the preference of the child

If you need help with a parenting plan or time-sharing schedules, Stewart Hudson can assist you. You can call him at 850-220-3099 to book an appointment.

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